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Diamond dermabrasion
Time 1 hour

A mechanical exfoliation of the skin, using a diamond tipped probe and vacuum suctions to deep clean and resurface the face and neck.
Benefits | Deep clean | Unblocks pores | Eliminates waste and toxins | Stimulates cell renewal | Smooths uneven patches
Facials Silhouette Dermalift
Time 1 hour

This is a facial system for lifting, toning and firming the face and neck to combat the signs of aging together with the energiser gel you will get a lifting tightening and firming effect.
Benefits | Reduces fine lines and wrinkles | Fluid retention and toxin removal | Smoother healthier skin | Faster regeneration

A course of 10 is recommended then one a month there after.
Facials Dermalift
Skin perfect facial
(tailored for all skin types)
Time 1 hour

This classic facial incorporates a deeply relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage together with a deep cleanse, steam and mask this is a truly relaxing experience.
Benefits | Deep Cleanse | Removes free radicals | Hydrates and nourishes | Prevents DNA and UV skin damage | Speeds skin renewal
Skin Perfect Facial
All massage is a great way to relax and de-stress, massage has healing properties by increasing the oxygen in the blood and muscles, which greatly reduces toxins in your body, massage also keeps the skin soft, smooth and moisturised.
Swedish massage
Time 1 hour
Back massage
Time 30 minutes

Swedish massage gives you all the benefits of a massage but it also is a great way to break down fatty tissue which can help with weight loss.
Swedish massage and back massage
Aroma therapy massage
Time 1 hour

Aroma therapy massage has endless benefits again it has all the benefits of the massage but by selecting the right oils for the client’s needs you can help with a number of problems, the list below is just a few.
Benefits | Reduce anxiety | Ease depression | Boost energy levels | Eliminate headaches | Induce sleep| Strengthen the immune system | Reduce pain| Improve digestion| Improve ache | Aid fatigue
Aroma therapy massage
Hot stone massage
Time 1 hour

Hot stone massage is simply massaging with natural volcanic stones, one stroke of the stones over your body is equivalent to 10 to 15 manual strokes.. The stones are natural and full of minerals which transfer their thermal energy into the depths of your body, leaving you with a feeling of wellbeing, re-balanced and complete relaxation.
Hot stone
Nail care
Manicure and pedicure
Time 1 hour

Help keep your hands and feet looking great and feeling healthy, improve the condition of your cuticles and the surrounding skin, a manicure and a pedicure will also improve the blood circulation and mobility of the joints.
Manicure and pedicure
OPI gel colour
Time 1 hour

OPI Gel Colour is a high quality premiere nail colour that will not chip or ware off, we guarantee its life for 2 whole weeks and it’s dry in 30 seconds. OPI Gel is an essential fashion accessory.
Lovely lashes
Eyebrow tint | Eyelash tint
Eyelash lift and tint | Eyelash extensions

Eyelash infills | 30 minutes | 1 hour

Eye lash extensions
Lash Emporium eye lash extensions are award winning lashes used in Pinewood Studios in London, they are the highest quality lashes and adhesive guaranteed to be breath taking lashes that last.

Eyelash lift and tint
Enhance your natural beauty with an eyelash lift and tint, add curl and definition to your natural eyelashes for a beautiful natural look.
Eyelash extensions
Electrolysis & ear piercing
15 minutes or 30 minutes

Electrolysis is a safe effective, progressive and permanent method of removing unwanted hair.
Ear piercing
Includes aftercare cleaning solution

All piercing’s are carried out by a highly qualified therapist. We have an excellent choice of earrings, with first class service and aftercare support.
Ear piercing
Hopi ear candles
Hopi ear candles
Time 45 minutes

Hopi Ear Candles help to clear the inner ear by drawing out wax and impurities that become lodged in the ear. Hopi is very relaxing and gives you a good sense if wellbeing.
Hopi ear candles
Hot & warm waxing
Only the finest quality hard and warm cream wax is used to sooth the skin as you wax.
Hot wax
Berodin hot wax key ingredients is Rodin and beeswax it is natural and flexible, gentle but effective. Hot wax is excellent to use for inmate female waxing, ideal for your delicate areas.

Warm wax
The key ingredients in cream wax are Rosin and castor oil, with no additives. This wax is suitable for all areas and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.
Hot wax
Award winning mineral make up
Award winning mineral make-up
For retail or applied for occasions

Award winning 100% mineral from the earth make-up, this vegan make-up offers excellent coverage and natural SPF protection which is designed not to run when the skin gets hot. The mineral powders are gentle making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
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